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Who is Doing This?

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Romeo is doing This.

Romeo Re-emboweled. The love child of two of Illinois' most influential bands of the late twentieth century: Romeo Disemboweled and Slim and the Cardigans.  

In 1988 two friends, Clay and Dan, founded Romeo Disemboweled - the alternative rock outfit that music historians cite as the dawn of the 1990s Crystal Lake music scene. To the chagrin of their avid fan base, Romeo Disemboweled disbanded in early 1991, before ever approaching the zenith of their musical and poetical potential.  

In 1992, while attending the University of Illinois, Slim founded the legendary folk funk barbershop quartet Slim and the Cardigans. Slim is rumored to be the great step-nephew of the late country singer Slim Whitman. During the band's heyday, Clay served as a baritone support of Slim's dulcet vocals. Many have credited Slim and the Cardigans with the rebirth of the Champaign-Urbana acapella scene.

These three founding members of Illinois supergroups have united for the first time as Romeo Re-emboweled. Through their collaboration, Romeo aims to maximize the remaining artistic talents of each member (to the extent that this is possible). None of these remaining talents is musical, but instead intellectual, literary, and philosophical.

Romeo currently produces The Love in the House of the Seven Gables Project. The project's mission is to rejuvenate public interest in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1851 novel, as well as to continue and adapt Hawthorne's Gothic Vision to the 21st century with new fiction. 

Clay - Creator, Director, Writer
Slim - Editorial Consultant
Dan - Digital Consultant
Bluey - Textual Editor