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Winter Break 2018

 "Heavy Snow HDR 3" via  Greg

"Heavy Snow HDR 3" via Greg

Dear Reader.

We now conclude Season One of the Ho7G blog. Eleven posts, seven months. We admit we meant to write more! But we are going on break. We'll write more posts in Season Two, which will be our first full, eight-month season! If you read this far, you may wonder why, if we are going on break for the summer, there is a picture of the winter time in the header.

In the United States, the winter time officially occurs between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox, roughly December 21 to March 20. Winter is a time of dormancy. The weather is inhospitable. People and all good kittens stay indoors or migrate south. 

Where I live in the Sonoran Desert we don't have that kind of season. The period between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox holds some our most temperate weather. That is when we spend most of our time outdoors, and when we are most active. Your winter is the time when the land comes alive with flowers and birdsong. The summer is, by contrast, our hottest, most inhospitable time. The trees go dormant, birds migrate north, animals stay underground, and the people stay indoors.

And summer is the time when teachers, like myself and many loyal supporters of the project, can be still. After the exhausting chaos of the school year, we finally have a moment to reflect. For many of us, the summer is the time we get to spend with those most important to us and initiate the endeavors dearest to our hearts. For teachers and residents of the Sonoran Desert, our summer functions very much like the rest of the United States' winter.

For all of these reasons, and in typical Hawthornian, allegorical fashion, the Love in the House of the Seven Gables Project officially declares Winter Break.

What, you ask, is in store for Season 2 of the Love in the House of the Seven Gables Project? More blogposts! Guest writers? A short story or two? And finally, the long-awaited serial publication of William Cullen's Secret Journal, which will be our second on-going blog and will lay the foundations for our first novel, Love in the House of the Seven Gables. Then, you will see. See

See you in September, reader.

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